Discover Saône-et-Loire and Burgundy from campsite Pont de Bourgogne

Campsite Pont de Bourgogne is situated in Southern Burgundy, few minutes walking from Chaon-sur-Saône city center. Between Beaune and Mâcon, it is pthe perfect place to visit Burgundy. A short drive from the campsite Pont de Bourgogne, you’ll discover the vineyards of Burgundy whose names are synonymous of delicious moments : Montagny, Mercurey, Meursault, Pommard, etc. To discover these vineyards, you can take the “Route des vins de Bourgogne” that runs in the middle of somptuous sceneries and is ponctuated by lovely stone villages. Take the chance to stop in a domain to enjoy a wine tasting.

Churches and abbeys

Burgundy also has a rich heritage. Especially a religious heritage. Centuries ago, Cluny used to be the biggest abbey of its time. It has been partly destroyed but you can still visit it remains that let you imagine how big this building was. IT has given birth to many romanesque churches all over southern Burgundy. You’ll discover them while visiting villages of Southern Burgundy. If you like architecture and churches, don’t miss the chance to stop in Tournus. This little town, famous for its gourmet restaurants, hosts one of the most beautiful romanesque church of France.

Events & Festivals

During spring and summer, many events and festival take place in Burgundy. The most famous is probably Chalon dans la Rue, a street theatre festival that take place the third week of July in Chalon-sur-Saône. But you also have a lot of music festival such as the Musicave in Givry, the Jazz festival of Couches, etc.

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